Mission Statement

“The mission of the TERO Program is to assist the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho Tribes in developing effective Indian Preference Laws and TERO Programs and to ensure that the Native People receive their basic entitlement to employment, business and entrepreneurial opportunities on and near the Wind River Indian Reservation.” 

TERO History 

On March 10, 1982 the Shoshone and Arapaho Joint Business Council established the S & A Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO) to ensure compliance of the S & A Title X Tribal Employment Rights Code. This code shall be enforced for all businesses and employers who are conducting business on the Wind River Indian Reservation. 

TERO Commission

The TERO Commission is comprised of both the Shoshone & Arapaho Business Council members. The Commission grants Indian Preference and enters into cooperative agreements with state and federal agencies. The Commission also oversees the daily office functions of the TERO staff.

Tribal Employment Rights Code — Title X

“Section 10-1-1 – The purpose of this code is to assist in and require the fair employment of Indians on the Wind River Reservation and to prevent discrimination against Indians in the employment practices of reservation employers.”

Title X is law on the Wind River Indian Reservation. Read the Code.

Hiring Goals

All employers are required to give preference to Shoshone, Arapaho, and other Tribal members in hiring and training opportunities. The percentage requirements for hiring is currently set at 50% for Native hire.


Referrals are given to clients that meet the criteria for hiring. Skilled persons in the worforce are then referred to employers that are looking for positions to be filled. In most referrals a Drug Test is required and sometimes a valid Driver’s License.